Registrations for the 2014 edition of the Summer School on Big Data, organized by Tércio Pacitti Institute (NCE/UFRJ) and the Research Center in Big Data of EMC, are now officialy open.

The  event will take place at the UFRJ campus (Fundão Island) from May 12 to  May 14. This year, in addition to lectures, three short courses of six hours duration will be offered (check the preliminary program on our  website).

If you are interested in attending the Summer School on Big Data 2014, fill out the Application Form on our website:

We remind you that the number of attendees is limited and registrations are only open until April 17th. A limited number of attendees from outside Rio are eligible to receive partial financial support.

In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Organizing Committee 
Summer School on Big Data 2014


The  registrations for the 2014 edition of the Summer School on Big Data,  organized by Tércio Pacitti Institute (NCE/UFRJ) and the Big Data  Reference Center of UFRJ, are already open and  we would like to remind  you that the minicourses have a limited number of 50 attendees.

By  offering minicourses, in instead of Hands On courses, we hope to  increase the interation between the students and the professor, in  addition to providing all the infraestructure needed. Three differents  minicourses will happen simultaneously every morning, and the candidate  must choose only one of them. The themes of the minicourses are:


  • Minicourse 1 - Collecting Big Data Autonomously
  • Minicourse 2 - Natural Processing Language
  • Minicourse 3 - Link Discovery: Tools and Algorithms
Check our website to learn more about each minicourse and to fill out the Application Form:
The  candidates will be select by the Event Commitee, composed by professors  of the Big Data Reference Center of UFRJ, and will be asked to confirm  their participation.
Don't forget to register until April 17!

Organizing Committee 
Summer School on Big Data 2014